How much does delivery cost?

  1. It’s free!  Simply schedule a pick up for your work of for your home and we’ll start the process right away.

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Learn about Dry Cleaning

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Learn about Dry Cleaning

How is Parrot Cleaners economical for me?

How long does my cleaning take?

  1. Parrot Cleaners offers customers a 3-day turn around for pick up and delivery services.  For one-day cleaning, customers can drop off clothes at the 1133 Ellison Avenue location.

What is the schedule for delivery?

  1. Customers can select a weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly schedule, or a will call arrangement for their cleaning.  There is no service on weekends.  Most service runs are Monday and Thursday or Tuesdays and Fridays. 

What are Parrot Cleaner’s prices?

  1. Parrot Cleaners offers competitive pricing for quality cleaning.  Please call to receive current price quotes or we can fax you a current price sheet.  502.637.8771

Where is your drop off location?

  1. Parrot Cleaners is located at 1133 Ellison Avenue.  Take Eastern Parkway to Barret Avenue and turn north to Ellison.  MAP IT

How is Parrot Cleaners environmentally friendly?

How does Parrot Cleaners make my life easier?

What is “dry” cleaning?

Can you remove tough stains?

  1. Parrot Cleaners evaluates each piece of cleaning to determine if stains can be removed by our dry cleaning process.  If a stain is set in, or removing it may risk damaging the fabric we will let you know before working on it.

What is Dry Cleaning?

  1. Dry cleaning is simply a process of washing clothes in a solvent rather than water.  Watch the video to the left to learn more.

Why do my clothes say Dry Clean only?

  1. Most dry cleaning is recommended to avoid shrinking fabric or damaging it’s material.

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